#meeting challenge: avoid this term for two weeks

Meetings are universally reviled. Even those that are obligated to call or host them likely do not relish the notion.

Challenge. Do not use the term meeting for two weeks.

To facilitate this proceess, here is a set of synonyms or alt-terms to consider. Most importantly, using an alternative term that is more specific and coupled to the functional purpose of calling a meeting will ensure that outcomes are aligned with expectations. Hopefully, it will also reduce the implicit biases associated with calling, attending, and participating in meetings.

chatimplies brevity and light-hearted discussionrapid update5
conferencesuggests equalitypresent novel findings5
huddlesportsabout to make a play as team5
walkzen and outsidemeet but move5
workshopimplies skills and tool developmentfocus on technical problem solving5
rallychange, social good, positive cheerpromote successes and recognize contributions5
brainstormfocus on ideationsole purpose is to ideate4
lightning sessionbrief reportingupdates provided rapidly in succession4
Q&Aimplies end of talk and open forumseek answers to pressing questions4
symposiumformal presentation and exploration of theorypropose big theories4
congregationpart of the flock and familyconnect as team3
conversationtwo-way dialogue impliedtalking, not reporting3
get-togethersociality encouragedpromotes individual discovery3
lunchsharing food together is primaleating provides a focus & changes time perception3
parleypirates but making dispute resolution funconflict resolution without stating it3
pop-upcrafty and creative ideas to sellgenerate marketable ideas3
shark tankimplies entertainment but critical analysespermission to be critical3
show-and-tellimplies bringing in an item or idea you care aboutpresentations of work but focus on tangible3
showdownwild westinformal chance to sound off on ideas or projects3
snackrapid consumption of a treatshort and sweet exchange3

Synonyms are very loosely defined here as terms with similar meanings. Consider using any term that is aligned with the purpose of calling people together virtually or in person. Imagine lecture, lab, viewing or any term that means bring people together to do something. Meetings are no different but have really come to mean mostly negative opportunities to convene.

Implication is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see or hear the term.

Novel function is the sole and express purpose of the time allocated and need to bring people together. If you cannot think of a function for calling your team together, then you likely do not need to.

Relatedness is scored from 1 to 5 with 5 being closely aligned with the most likely purposes or functions of meetings and 1 is unrelated. Most terms here roughly approximate the traditional needs for a meeting but feel free to get radical. After all, office parties are really meetings that have the capacity to be fun or at least provide libation.

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