Politics versus ecological and environmental research: invitation to submit to Ideas in Ecology and Evolution #resist

Dear Colleagues,

Ideas in Ecology and Evolution would like to invite you to submit to a special issue entitled
‘Politics versus ecological and environmental research.’

The contemporary political climate has dramatically changed in some nations. Global change marches on, and changes within each and every country influence everyone. We need to march too and can do so in many ways. There has been extensive social media discussion and political activity within the scientific community. One particularly compelling discussion is best captured by this paraphrased exchange.

“Keep politics out of my science feeds.”
“I will keep politics out of my science when politics keeps out of science.”

The latter context has never existed, but the extent of intervention, falsification by non-scientists, blatant non-truths, and threat to science have never been greater in contemporary ecology and environmental science in particular.

Ideas in Ecology and Evolution is an open-access journal. We view the niche of this journal as a home for topics that need discussing for our discipline. Ideas are a beautiful opportunity sometimes lost by the file-drawer problem, and this journal welcomes papers without data to propose new ideas and critically comment on issues relevant to our field both directly and indirectly. Lonnie Aarssen and I are keen to capture some of the ongoing discussion and #resist efforts by our peers. We will rapidly secure two reviews for your contributions to get ideas into print now.

We welcome submissions that address any aspect of politics and ecology and the environment. The papers can include any of (but not limited to) the following formats: commentaries, solution sets, critiques, novel mindsets, strategies to better link ecology/environmental science to political discourse, analyses of political interventions, summaries of developments, and mini-reviews that highlight ecological/environmental science that clearly support an alternative decision.

Please submit contributions using the Open Journal System site here.

Warm regards,

Chris Lortie and Lonnie Aarssen.