AI & you: know thyself


AI can help you empathize through an avatar, describe art, generate art, write news reports for sports, trade stocks, fly airplanes, drive cars, beat you in games, diagnose cancer, and identify patterns in messy big data.  What is next? Can it describe you? Not just what you do but what you need and value.

No surprise, yes. The personality insight service of Watson was nearly perfect (i.e. accurate in describing me, sadly, based on my feedback from other humans) and highly precise (i.e. replicable) in my repeat trials (x5 of causal text I wrote @ approx 1000 words per instance) of the free service.

personality analysis

I am grappling with the implications. Should disciplines of scientists do it to explore consilience and common trends? Should my students do it so that I can tailor teaching more directly to their needs or sets of needs?  Are those that collaborate more in ecology more likely to be open? Likely yes on all these so should we start using this tools in science to build teams and working groups. Maybe…

Prescriptive not predictive is likely a more parsimonious approach to use of AI for personality analyses.
Know thyself through these tools to identify your limitations, opportunities for change and focus, and to remind yourself that you are are neither static nor defined simply by others. You are a complex ecosystem, like all natural systems, with multiple dimensions.

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