#BigData #AdventureTime #pechakucha presentation

The youtube video (practice version) embedded within deck now so that the slides make sense.


The 6 minutes of Big Data discussion talk details are listed here for tomorrow if you would like to attend (it is a PechaKucha talk, 20 slides @20 seconds each):


I will also live tweet it using the tag #BigData if you want to follow along or have any questions I can explore after the talk.  I will be wearing the Finn hat for the first few slides 🙂

Main findings to report from this adventure
1. Big Data are an amazing opportunity.

2. Ecology is facing similar challenges but can also contribute novel insights to Big Data solution sets.

3. Big Data are all about the letter ‘V’ primarily Volume, Variety, and Velocity. However, Veracity & Variability are becoming increasingly important as we begin to appreciate fully the challenges.

4. Big Data challenges are about the letter ‘C’ including capture, curation, context, and complexity-analytics.

5. Big Data are here to stay, data are evidence, so we need to use to illuminate context, connections, or interactions to affect a greater good in how we live.

6. My personal system primarily for health and life data is define context, focus on interactions using schema & aggregation, and use generalized metrics for synthesis to connect and compare how I am doing. I call this my ‘CIS’tem.  Cheezy I know but works for me as a mnemonic when facing challenges.

7. Smartphones have changed everything.

8. The Cochrane Collaboration & NCEAS are personal inspirations for me to stimulate engagement with Big Data both personally & professionally.

9. Correlation almost always implies causation – use to your advantage.

10. Ecology paradigm + Big Data means focus on interactions in tackling challenges with evidence.