#fieldwork takes practice: lost quadrat and #zenmind

Fieldwork takes practice.
I love this pic because the landscape is so spectacular (Cuyama Valley, here is the post on the work our team is doing there), and it ‘looks’ like I am working. A new research associate has joined the team. Chase and I were out in the Cuyama Valley and Carrizo National Monument.  I was hoping to share with him some wisdom, hang out, survey some plots, and check on everything. The best thing about this pic however is that I am missing my quadrat (and my wisdom). I am looking back to Chase for about the tenth time hoping he picked up mine in addition to his own.


I never had to pick up his quadrat.
I also managed to lead us down the wrong dirt road once (only 12 miles), and in another instance, I was positive that this particular slope was the correct one and we ended up on a very pretty but extended detour.

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