PechaKucha talk proposal: Why data need to be open and global.

I just submitted an application to do my first snappy/short talk like this.
I think this format differs from ESA Ignite talks, and the audience is non-academic. I plan to use lifehacking, fitbit, and a few ecological impact datasets to link Big Data to the little decisions we make daily.

Any suggestions totally appreciated. Please just pop me a note on twitter or via email.


Data are a currency and resource in modern society. We have an incredible opportunity to transform how we mediate, inform, and make important decisions as a society. Sharing data is easy. Herein, I present some simple sharing tools that are also widely available (and free). I also challenge our conception of data, how we should use it, and highlight the capacity for synthesis and discovery for each and everyone one us with even just a little data about how we run our daily lives.