Synthesis workshop 2014

Here is the information needed for the synthesis workshop.

Order Topic Reading
Mon AM (a) Difference between statistical significance and an effect size. (b) Difference between statistical significance and biological significance. Sterne et al 2001.
Mon AM Systematic reviews. CH1 & CH4 in handbook.
Tues AM Meta-analysis as an environmental science tool. CH2 & CH3 in handbook.
Tues AM Brief tour of effect sizes CH6 in handbook.
Tues AM/PM Conduct a systematic review.
Do a meta-analysis.
Create visuals.
Presentation of meta-review results.
Weds AM Role of meta-analysis & big data in environmental science. CH23 & Hampton et al 2013

Critical resources for these topics

1. Sterne et al 2001

2. Handbook of meta-analysis

3. MetaWin & OpenMEE applications

4. Reid et al 2010

5. Maestre & Cortina 2004

6. Hampton et al 2013

7. Lortie 2013

8. Lortie et al 2014

9. Reid et al systematic review cushion dataset

10. growth dataset

11. survival dataset

Short lectures


Synthesis framing

Systematic reviews reviewed