Tweet talks at future ESA

A recent post indicated that some tweet-positive speakers have their talks synced to auto-post the bullets as they speak. Great idea. Got me thinking, why bother with the talk 🙂 OR how about adopting some of the developments associated with micro-TED talks or the 2 minute creative idea talks out there. Let’s call them tweet talks at the esa. There are too many concurrent sessions at the ESA, and often the 20 minute slot is too long for preliminary work or preliminary analyses. The ESA talk prep is always a great incentive to get your workflow/analytical pipeline built and some QA/QC on your datasets done but I am frequently still working on the implications. So, instead of loads of talks going on simultaneously (and running between them to catch the latter halves) and the intro padding in them, the ESA should consider running a few sessions of 5 minute, tweet talks next year, with no other sessions ongoing.

Elements for ecotweet-talks include the following.
1. Talk is exactly 5 minutes.
2. All questions at the end of session to the panel of speakers.
3. ESA does not run any concurrent sessions for this 1.5-2 hr slot so lot’s of people can attend to check out the experiment.
4. The topics are broad and questions/discussion can be about the critical micro-elements of both our talks and papers and about how to make these salient attributes more searchable and useable (chaired by Carly & Jarrett?).
5. Use a ballroom and have two podiums set up with a speaker queued up at each one so speakers go back and forth to maintain momentum (facilitators could be dressed in black like japanese puppeteers and ensure things run smoothly).
6. Every talk tweets main points as they happen using the same tag, #ecotweettalk, and we can look for eco-linkages and themes across talks using this tool.